Full Service Digital Marketing

We deliver a digital solution on every brief. With 17 full time digital experts we have one of the largest digital resources of any agency in Ireland. We have specialist teams in the areas of Search, Mobile, Social, Content Marketing and Web Development. We are a fully qualified Google Analytics consultant and provide a full service across SEO, PPC and Analytics. We house our own creative development team who work across digital, OOH and print design.

Our digital expertise and market leading thinking allow us to strip away the complexity and extract the strategic insight from data for our clients. These insights provide the fuel for future campaign innovation and increase our ability to create seamless consumer journeys. It is critical today to consider the consumer mind set on the path to purchase.

We employ a range of techniques across data aggregation, modelling and visualisation. This provides new and meaningful insight to drive the performance of our clients’ businesses and is reflected in our programmatic buying data management platform (DMP) offerings.

As our clients navigate an increasingly complex digital landscape, they require an agency that demonstrates clear digital leadership and places their needs first. Core handles 30% of all digital spend in Ireland. That translates into an unrivalled expertise in digital and data which has been refined by developing tailored solutions for multiple clients across all major consumer categories.