Core Learning was set up by the award winning media communications group Core to provide a clear training path for media, marketing and advertising professionals. As part of Core, Core Learning has unparalleled access to the best tutors in the industry. Tutors who plan, manage and activate award winning marketing and communication campaigns every day.

Our tutors are creating and executing media and digital campaigns for clients every day and we want to share our knowledge and industry insights with you.

We understand the face paced world of communications, what’s more we are leading it.

That’s why our courses are short, interactive and most importantly as up to date as you’ll get. We will give you exposure to the latest trends and burning issues in the communications arena.

We explore case histories in a fun and engaging atmosphere, and see how theory translates into practice. Each session is live and interactive, so your issues can be explored and your questions answered. We prioritise learning outcomes – all our courses offer practical insights that can be translated into real business advantage.

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