Social Media and Content Marketing were on the agenda on Friday 11th of May in Dublin Croke park with 3XE Digital’s latest conference. A wide variety of speakers took to the stage for the morning with multiple smaller workshops to attend in the afternoon.

Here are our 3 Key Takeaways from the day:

Reacting to a trend in 48 hours

Individual moments can spark global movements and Twitter is where it’s happening. This was the topic of Gregory Owens, Seniors Sales Manager for Twitter’s UK and Ireland’s talk. In 2016 the media had predicted the end of Twitter with shares and users falling but their new propositioning seems to have been a success. Twitter fuels national discussion and marketers can capitalise on this if they are reactive enough.

Owens spoke about how their research on recent moments that sparked debate showed a 48-hour natural window of interest in which to spot and react to a Tweet or Trend. This is something that resonates with us here in Spark Foundry especially when it comes to reactive search. During the Beast from the East storm we noticed a huge & sudden increase in searches for bread due to the bread shortages. We were able to jump on this and own it by creating some disruptive search ads for our client Three Screen of Bread Ad.

SEO: Topics instead of keywords

David Ly Khim, from Hubspot spoke about concentrating on topics instead of keywords when it comes to SEO and content and called this strategy “A New Age of SEO”. We here at Spark agree with Ly Khim that search engines have changed and marketers need to adapt. The idea is to define your pillar content, own a topic and link to internal and external blog posts in clusters. Using this strategy can help you “rank for thousands of keywords” instead of focussing on one at a time.

The impact of GDPR

We couldn’t write a blog post without talking about GDPR could we? Heaven forbid! But in our favourite workshop of the day, Valerie Lyons from BH Consulting spoke about the potential impact of GDPR for marketers and managed to simplify the often head-spinning topic into one main point and that is consent. Rigid rules around the consent to process data and the right to be forgotten are all major pain points for marketers but Valerie said the burden of proof now lies with the organisation or company itself.

The conference ended with a funny and informative interview with the Rubberbandits’ Blindboy Boatclub, which was more about living with mental illness than content marketing but still thoroughly enjoyable. In the words of the great man himself “Content Marketing? I haven’t a clue what that even is!” and yet he managed to create the most successful Irish podcast of all time from his bedroom in Limerick… What a legend!