The Task

With 3 Ireland having completed the final stages of their buyout of O2, our question was, how do you welcome 1.5 million new customers to your network?

The Idea

It was clear what we needed to do. We would throw the biggest Celebration Party Ireland has ever seen.

The Execution

Our approach, thematically speaking, was “Go Big or Go home”.  We planned and delivered a domination strategy that played out over just 3 days, this unprecedented multi- format approach decorated the entire country.

We used every available outdoor format, and in an industry-first, broke the two week cycle boundaries. And in another industry-first, we took every space available in the Irish Daily Star, from cover to cover, together with key placements in all the major national papers.

We also dominated the airwaves, buying entire breaks during key slots, across National and Local stations.

And because this was no ordinary party, it needed the impact of special builds. All of which were deployed (and subsequently disassembled) in three days, breaking all existing buying cycles in an industry first.