The Task

How to turn Cyber Monday December ’15 into an online sales bonanza for our client Three, without any spend on TV Advertising?

The Idea

We knew that Cyber Monday followed the Friday transmission of The Late Late Toy Show – the most watched home-produced TV programme of the year.  We also knew that Cyber Monday was the biggest day of the year for online sales.

So we leveraged the popularity and reach of The Late Late Toy Show and bought all the leading content online surrounding it.  So whenever Ryan and his sweaters, or the Billie Barry dancing kids popped up, so did we.

The Execution

It resulted in us reaching more than the 1.5 million people watching the actual show on TV, for half the price.

We brought our idea to life with bespoke display ads, targeting customers and potentially new ones.  We ran a promotion – not for everyone in the audience, but for those online, at home.