The Backstory

Given it was the third year of Electric Ireland’s Powering Kindness campaign, we knew we needed to be aware of potential participant-fatigue, but we were still confident we could once again light up the country with positivity in the form of thoughtful deeds and random acts of kindness for one week beginning Saturday 17th January 15 (with the hope that it would continue afterwards!)

The Idea

For maximum standout, the campaign would to run mid-January – arguably the bleakest, most depressing month of the year, with Christmas festivities well and truly over and a long time before the optimism of Spring kicked in.

We also started thinking about Powering Kindness as less of a campaign and more of a movement.   And so we made plans to mobilize people all ‘round the country in their workplaces, homes, sports clubs, on the streets and encourage them to participate by doing a kind deed or making a thoughtful gesture during that week.

The kind people would then log their deeds through the Electric Ireland Powering Kindness website ( or through social media channels using the hashtag #powering kindness and dedicate it to one of the three chosen charities;  ISPCC’s CHILDLINE, THE MARIE KEATING FOUNDATION, THE IRISH HEART FOUNDATION.  Electric Ireland would then donate to these charities on their behalf.  The charity with the most dedications would receive €60,000 and the runners up €40,000 and €30,000 respectively.

The Execution

However, our challenge was much greater than just getting people to engage in acts of kindness;  the money we had to spend on media and content creation was mostly going to, well, charity!  So in order to make the most of our (very small) budget, we needed media partners who were up for this kind of challenge.  And they were!

Together with National & Local Broadcasters, Press, OOH and Digital Media partners we created;  3 TV ADS, 7 VIDEOS, 16 EDITORIALS, 17 VINES, 50+ FACEBOOK POSTS, 150+ TWEETS, 6 OUTSIDE BROADCASTS, 550 LIVE MENTIONS, 195 RADIO SPOTS & 4 COMPETITIONS.   We even got the Core office wrapped-up in the good cause with a customised building-wrap in place for the campaign duration.

We also leveraged the mega-wattage of Irish celebs from TV, Radio, Sport and Entertainment who joined in and donated their time and efforts to the campaign.   And helping us out was our own Mr Kindness – a blue experiental character we created who popped up in various locations to encourage and participate in the kind acts.