Recently released research from Netflix reveals some interesting viewing behaviours which emerge when viewers are no longer tied into a TV schedule.

According to their new study, viewers prefer nothing more than a good laugh first thing in the morning. Viewers are 34 percent more likely to watch a light comedy at 6am than at any other time of day. ‘The results are somewhat surprising considering most TV channels opt to fill pre-work TV viewing time with news and talk shows.

Viewers prefer to snack on drama with lunch. Between midday and 2, drama shows makes up 47 percent of all viewing.

But this changes again as we move into late evening. Thrillers dominate viewing here. By 9 PM, many Netflix viewers (27%) will be watching ‘Stranger Things’, ‘The Walking Dead’, or other similar shows.

What this shows is that when the audience has the freedom to choose, they don’t always follow the rule book that traditional TV uses.

However, it’s worth noting that Netflix don’t offer the same type programming as traditional TV channels. They don’t do news, current affairs, etc. Moreover, they don’t qualify their audience and, presently, don’t release ratings information.

I can’t see traditional broadcast channels ripping up their viewer preference manuals to mirror Netflix findings. So, don’t expect to be served Comedy with your morning coffee by RTE or TV3 anytime soon.